Trends: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Trends are as inconsistent as the USYD wifi. Sometimes you might feel the vibration in your pocket of your friend sending you a doodled Snapchat of Gilgamesh and you know you’re in a wifi hotspot, feeling the joy of connectivity. But it’s not all good news and devil horns – you never know when it’s going to drop out, cancelling your last minute reading plans and depriving you of lousy newsfeed scrolling. Then there’s the ugly. The times when you can’t understand why the hell there’s no internet in the quad, of all places.

Trends can be difficult to navigate, but here are some reminders that should hopefully make life a bit easier for you and put things into perspective:

GOOD: Memes are fun, so get on board even if they make you cringe. Memes are my favourite trend ever, mostly because they don’t rely on buying expensive items of clothing, simply a wifi connection (when it’s there). It’s so easy to get involved in and have a good laugh, especially since every computer has Comic Sans installed.

BAD: DO open that outrageously embarrassing umbrella to protect yourself from the rain. DON’T spend $20 to buy a new, serious black one just to fit in. “Keep Calm it’s Raining” is a fair piece of advice, even if it is screen-printed on a bright red umbrella. Rock it don’t knock it. Don’t think you have to buy a new umbrella, or shoes or bag just to fit in.

UGLY: Trends can have terrible, terrible consequences. Remember this when you decide to go out on Wednesday night before you’ve started that Writing assignment that’s due on Thursday.

Note: It’s important to remember that you don’t have to follow trends if you don’t want to. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or puts you or others in danger. Look after yourselves, homies.

Much love,

M xx

Photo credit: Clemson University