#PolyPresents: Wish List

#PolyPresents: Wish List

Luxe Collection gray rug
380 AUD – very.co.uk

Culti fragrance diffuser
200 AUD – lanecrawford.com

Kate Spade colorful vase
110 AUD – nordstromrack.com

Agraria candles candleholder
105 AUD – harrods.com

Jay Import colored picture frame
22 AUD – nordstromrack.com

White peony bouquet
26 AUD – kirklands.com

Heart shaped dish
13 AUD – kikki-k.com

Warm Blue Winter Cabin

Warm Blue Winter Cabin

A R gray bedding
275 AUD – onekingslane.com

Copper bowl
810 AUD – chairish.com

LEFF Amsterdam flip clock
750 AUD – purehome.com

Montegrappa office accessory
405 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Tom Dixon scented candle
140 AUD – casa.com

UGG Australia throw pillow
140 AUD – uggaustralia.com

Cow home decor
110 AUD – onekingslane.com

Embossed Journal Do More Of Happy Navy
33 AUD – chapters.indigo.ca

Aeon accent chair
990 AUD – allmodern.com

Creative Ways To Be Productive

At the present moment, I am finished with school and am awaiting my final High School results… a very slow and very anxious period. I need a way to distract myself, but I’m sick of wasting my time mindlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. I may as well be productive with my time, as well as have some fun. So here are my best (and inexpensive) creative ways to be productive:

Organise Your Desk

If you’re like me, you’ll know how hard it is to maintain a tidy desk for longer than two days. That is, without the right help from some handy bits-and-pieces from around the house. If you’re struggling to find some pen holders that look super cute, look no further than the kitchen. Cups, glasses, jars etc. make excellent pen holders. If you don’t have any available to use from home, take a look at some Op-Shops or even trinket stores. My favourite are Latte Mugs. They’re durable, functional and paintable, which is convenient if you can’t find a colour that you like, or you want to decorate it further.

Here is a picture of my own latte mugs/pen holders. I bought them for $4 from Target (on sale) a few months ago, and they have been perfect for organising my vast range of pens and pencils.


Decorate Your Make-Up Table

Make-up is so easily lost or forgotten simply because it is disorganised. Similar to organising pens, make-up can be stored in cups, glasses or jars. For makeup, I like to use glass jars, as you can clearly see through and identify the product quite easily. Below is a picture of my own make-up jars. I have used previous tomato-paste and Vegemite jars (make sure you wash them thoroughly and take off the label). You can leave them, or you can tie coloured ribbon around the neck (as I have), or even use some liquid chalk and draw pattens onto them. Another idea is to print off some fancy labels and stick them on, if you require many jars. They’re super easy and inexpensive to make, and you’re recycling. Also a handy trick, if your jar is too deep, and your brushes/products are hard to reach, fill the bottom up with glass pebbles, or rocks to elevate them.


Make Fancy Study Notes

If you’re on a school break and are bored out of your brains, I can tell you that any study you do will pay off. But study isn’t all about reading notes a thousand times. Sometimes rewriting them can be more effective! Scrap your black pen and lined paper, you need to have some fun.

  1. Purchase an art book, coloured markers, coloured pens, coloured paper and a glue stick.
  2. The rest is totally up to you. You can do as I have (below) and cut the paper into banners and rectangles and write various points on them, using the art paper as well, or you can cover your page completely in one colour and place various rectangles of information all over the place. Remember to take up as much space as you need, art books contain more pages than you think.


DIY Book Jackets

My heart breaks when the corners of a book I love begin to separate and fall apart. That’s why creating your own book jackets is a fantastic way to preserve them. And it’s really simple. All you need is a book (duh), some wrapping paper and/or any other paper (it’s up to you), some masking tape (it may not look amazing, but it will not damage your book cover as standard tape will), and a computer with basic software and printing (for making a label). It is basically the same procedure as covering a textbook or exercise book in contact covering, however, I will outline the process anyway:

  1. Place the book on your paper and measure so that the paper is about 4 centimetres (approx. 1.5 inches) larger around the border. Make sure to account for the spine, too. Cut this out.
  2. Place the book on the rectangle paper, facing up. Cut off the corners of the paper diagonally.
  3. Fold the paper into the back cover, taping down the long end, and the top and bottom. Remember to make cuts for the spine.
  4. Close the book. do not flip the book over and simply do the same for the front cover, as you need to account for the spine. Once the book is closed, fold the long edge underneath the front cover and tape down. NOW you may open the book gently and tape in the top and bottom.
  5. Now you can find a nice label or design your own, print it and stick it onto the cover/spine.

This is my copy of “Little Women”, the jacket created in the same procedure.


Thank you for reading this post! I hope it helped you in some way to feel productive while having fun! Please comment below if you have tried any of these and share your experience!

Much Love,

M xx